Dear Neighbors,

I chose Elk Grove to raise my family because we have a great city with safe neighborhoods and accomplished public schools. But we have one major issue holding us back: TRAFFIC. If we don’t fix our congestion problem now – its never going to change.

As a Civil Engineer, I understand why we’re here and I have a plan to fix it. We need to have transportation options that include roads, convenient, safe and frequent public transit, and an employment center to let people work nearby. Continue viewing my website to learn more.

I’m committed to serving our community and building an Elk Grove that works for every family. Call me on my cell (916-347-0956) to talk about how we can do this together.


About Darren Suen

Suen Family

I’m running for Mayor to create a city that works for every family.

A city that is safe and inclusive, with ample job opportunities, workforce training and civic amenities, so we all can live, work and play here in Elk Grove.

Standing in the way of this vision is our biggest challenge—traffic and congestion that’s growing worse every day. If we don’t act now, Elk Grove will become one big parking lot and everything we aspire to—jobs, sustainable growth, safe neighborhoods—will be threatened.”


Darren Suen
Registered Civil Engineer (P.E.)
Certified Project Management Professional (PMP)
(916) 347-0956
Darren Suen