As your Mayor I’ll focus on investing and improving the Elk Grove we love by delivering a safe, inclusive city that works for all families, with job opportunities, safe neighborhoods, ample transit options and entertainment choices for everyone. I know, that together we can build an Elk Grove where we all can live, work and play.

My priorities as your Mayor are:

Reducing Traffic Congestion

As a civil engineer and experienced planner, I have a plan to tackle our traffic crisis. I will focus on expanding our transit options, improving our major roads, creating new commuter routes to and from Elk Grove, and boost our commuter bus system.

Developing New Employment Centers

Elk Grove has one of the worst jobs-housing balance in the county, as thousands commute in and out of our city every day. Spurring job creation and helping local businesses expand and thrive is vital to improving this balance and reducing traffic.

Prioritizing Safe Neighborhoods

A thriving city is a safe one. I’m proud to have the trust and support of our Elk Grove Police Officers and Fire Fighters. I’ll continue working with them to deliver safe, reliable public safety to each of our neighborhoods.