City Council Recap 06.09.2020

Good morning, Elk Grove. Well it was very meaningful council meeting last night.

We all took turns expressing our anger and frustration over the death of George Floyd, but also it was a proud moment in that, our council spoke unanimously about condemning acts of racism, hate based violence discrimination, as well as affirming its support in the black lives matter movement and the support of the protesters that have been protesting peacefully throughout the city these past few days.

We passed our budget $305,000,000 dollars overall budget, with $74.4 million general fund.

We heard you with a lot of the folks who mailed in about defunding the police and that is something I’d like to understand better. I’d like to hear folks out about what that exactly entails but I also would like to give the police department a chance to inform folks about all the good things that it is doing in terms of engaging in the community, it’s training, the the other things that department does, supporting domestic violence victims, homeless our animal shelter, there’s a lot of things that within the department I think the community finds value and I think there’s an opportunity here for a conversation with our community and our police department.

As far as announcements goes this Friday at 10 o’clock the North bound off ramp of Laguna Boulevard and I-5 is going to be closed through the weekend until Monday, June 15th. at 5am and there’s only going to be one lane of operation each direction on I five between Cosumnes River Boulevard and Pocket road. So please plan accordingly.

For the COVID crisis we’ve been distributing mask to businesses over 18,000 We distribute if you’re a business and you need a mask, you want to apply for a mask please go to the website COVID-19 B-I-Z ( and our senior community continues to be serviced by the great plates program about 370 seniors are getting serviced with food and about $190,000 are going to 12 of our local restaurants thus far. That program is extended till July tenth, so you can still apply but please know if you’re eligible for CalFresh, you won’t be eligible for this program so it’s one or the other.

That’s about it. I just want to again express my thoughts and sympathy with all of you as we are dealing with the these social challenges that we’re having and know
that we as leaders are doing everything we can to make sure your community is safe, inclusive and just in terms of its practices.

So, with that please have a great day and hope to see you soon. Take care.

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Darren Suen currently represents the 1st. District for the city of Elk Grove. He has been a resident of Elk Grove For over 20 years.

He is a Husband, Father a has been a civil engineer for over 22 years.

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