Darren's Journey

As a civil engineer and land management specialist who worked both locally and across California to modernize infrastructure and build sustainable communities, Darren Suen is uniquely qualified to help guide Elk Grove into the future.


Darren is the great grandson of immigrants who came to California looking for a better life. Born and raised in Sacramento, Darren was steeped in the values of hard work, family, and fiscal responsibility. He took his first job, sorting and packing produce, at age 15. After graduating from John F. Kennedy High School in Sacramento, Darren attended Sacramento City College and then Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, where he earned his degree in Civil Engineering.

Attracted by its close proximity to family, strong schools, and high quality of life, Darren and his wife Denise relocated to Elk Grove in 2000 to raise their three children; Lauren, Conner and Carson.

Upon returning to Elk Grove, Darren sought out public service to give back to the community he and his wife chose to raise their children. He first sought public service through an appointment to the Franklin/Laguna Community Planning Council and later became Elk Grove’s representative to the Sacramento Transportation Air Quality Collaborative.

Then in 2014, Darren was appointed by a unanimous decision to the Council in December 2014 to serve the remainder of the District 1 term vacated by Assembly Member Jim Cooper. He was elected to a full term in November 2016. Since joining the city council in December 2014, Darren ensured the passage of balanced budgets with ample reserves, the approval of an animal shelter, aquatic center, and a combined senior center/veterans hall/community center.