Elk Grove City Council Meeting Recap 6.22.2020

Hello Elk Grove, well just a few items of note from last night’s meeting. We took some necessary steps to continue our Krammerer road extension and widening road project. We had to file what they call resolutions of necessity for us to negotiate with property owners and acquire properties that we need to build the road.

We passed a progressive discipline measure for anyone operating their home as an Airbnb or VRBO. We don’t want to get in your way of operating a business, but we also want you to be courteous and kind your neighbors and in terms of your guests that go there, we don’t want them causing any disturbance issues, so we have some measures in place for that. That if it gets out of hand, well, the city will have to step in. It’s about 150 of those in our city in case you’re wondering not too many, but just want to make sure everybody’s being mindful of one another being good neighbors.

Then finally we passed a what they call a consolidated plan. consolidation plan, an action plan for this coming budget year for our community development block grants or CDBG funds, that’s our federal funds that help our low income community

That’s it for now and we won’t see it till the fourth, so I hope you guys have a very safe and sane, fourth please be mindful of those illegal fireworks there’s a nailem app, nail apostrophe E M as Mary (Nail’em) app that you can use and download to help report illegal fireworks and our police force will be out there enforcing as well using other tools, our drones our real time information center and those other things to catch illegal fireworks users and violators.

I want to make sure you guys have a safe and sane fourth of July we’re going to be doing it remotely this year. I hope you catch us on ABC 10 and the radio, and we’re bummed we’re not able to see you guys in person, but you know, we also want to make sure we stay safe given the recent spike in COVID cases and just celebrate safely.

It’s our 20th. anniversary for the city of Elk Grove, so July 1, 20 years happy birthday, Elk Grove.

I Hope to see you all soon. Take care, bye.

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Darren Suen currently represents the 1st. District for the city of Elk Grove. He has been a resident of Elk Grove For over 20 years.

He is a Husband, Father a has been a civil engineer for over 22 years.

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