City Council Meeting Recap 05.25.2020

Good afternoon Elk Grove hope everybody staying healthy
and safe. We had a council meeting last night. Not a
whole lot of things to adopt, but there are some good updates our budget.
For one thing is being impacted by Covid. As you
can imagine there’s a slight reduction in revenues expected but
I think staff has done a great job in putting together a plan to help us that will help us weather
the storm in the coming months and we’ve done a good
job as a city to make sure we’ve got healthy reserves. Our pension obligations
are pretty well taken care of and so I think all things considered
we’re doing, Okay, right now, also, we also
got an update on our CIP – our Capital Improvement Program, five year program
updated every year and there’s
a lot of projects. As you can imagine you’ve probably seen around the city. A
lot of things being under construction and whether it’s lane widenings or
stripings or those kinds of things, but I’m excited
to see that our Kammerer road project, which is our marketing window to employment center
is getting closer to construction. The first phase of it, anyway. Railroad Street
project is also about to begin construction, revitalizing
old town, and then we have Laguna Creek trail program
it’s a regional trail nine miles long from the east side of Elk Grove
all the way to the West side, connecting us to city of Sacramento I’m
really excited for that to get finished there’s a lot of
gaps in there that we need to fill, but we’ll see how that progresses, but
in 97 projects and it’s a lot of work. I also want to take the
opportunity to say that, you know, we do a good job and taking care
of what we have you’ll notice in the coming
months. All the streets west
of Franklin Boulevard we’re gonna start getting those restriped
and then a lot of the street name signs are going to be replaced
as well too. If you haven’t seen those already I think some of you have seen the new blinking
yellow arrows, so trying to improve our traffic flow
in that regard as well. Those yellow arrows allow green
times in the thru ways and then people can still turn left. So you’re able
to move people through more efficiently that’s the theory anyway What we’ll
find out as time goes on finally. We
have our great plates program that the city is participating in with
the state of California it’s pretty neat to see
that 340 seniors of our seniors are getting three
meals a day, seven days a week, 12 of our restaurants are getting business
because they’re able to cook the meals and provide the food for our
seniors and hopefully over the course of time we’ll get more
people participating, more restaurants and more of our local restaurants and more
of our seniors as well. So, That’s it
for now. Please stay safe and stay healthy. everybody. Until
next time, take care.

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Darren Suen currently represents the 1st. District for the city of Elk Grove. He has been a resident of Elk Grove For over 20 years.

He is a Husband, Father a has been a civil engineer for over 22 years.

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